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Sports Dog Coaching

Whether you’re already competing or looking to establish the correct foundations Discover Canine’s coaching service is for you. Learn the art (but mostly science) of motivating your dog so you can keep him focussed in whatever sport you’ve chosen.

With a proven history of success in a range of sports you can be sure you’re in the right place to learn the psychology to perform – not just for your dog, but for you as well. I have personally trained, competed and titled dogs in 6 different ANKC sports. I have experience coaching a range of people from complete newbies to experienced campaigners.

Coaching is a great way to ensure that your training is first rate. I’ll use my keen observation skills to give you personalised feedback on you and your dog’s performance. You might have hit a wall with your training, have a minor problem you want to polish up or perhaps you’re looking to start off on the right foot. Whatever the case I can help you reach your competition goals.

Coaching is currently available in obedience, rally, tracking and scent work. Want coaching in something else? Just ask. Coaching will help you unlock the potential of your dog through motivation and relationship and is therefore applicable to many sports other than those listed, for example, GRC, tricks and retrieving.

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